Buttonwood Programs

Extended Day Options


Your child's preschool schedule can be catered to fit your family's daily needs.  We offer full day and hourly rate programs that can begin as early as 7:00am and last until 6:00pm.

Days can be added to regular class schedules. In addition we are able to provide care for school age children before and after school if transportation can be arranged for them.



Two and half years old to start

2 Day (W, F): 9am – 11:30am 

Our Sprouts program focuses on learning through play while working on social skills like;  following directions, sharing, and getting along with each other. We follow weekly themes that include colors, shapes, introduction to numbers and counting, nursery rhymes, and activities that promote pre-writing skills and reading readiness.  All of our activities are centered around giving the children as much experience as possible with the weekly themes. We provide activities that are visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic in nature to give them many opportunities to explore the new information they are actively learning.  The day also includes daily crafts, outdoor/indoor play, and a variety of sensory manipulative opportunities.



Three years old by October 1st

3 Day (M, T, Th): 9am–11:30am    

We strive to provide an environment that creates joyful learning among our students.  In the Saplings program we continue opportunities from the four modules for each student. We work on themed units to target cognitive development through  language, and fine and gross motor activities.  We incorporate movement activities, dramatic play, reading books, and many other hands on activities to give our 3 year olds many choices to learn and explore their environment.  Specific skills addressed are identifying the alphabet,  colors and shapes, the four seasons, numbers and counting, cutting with scissors, building fine motor skills in pre-writing activities and recognizing our names in written fashion. Art activities follow along with weekly, seasonal, and holiday themes while also promoting fine motor growth. We recognize the importance of play at this age to develop language skills, social development and problem solving skills.   

Yellow Birds


Four years old by October 1st

4 Day (M - Th) 9am – 12:30pm

Our Birds program uses developmentally appropriate activities fit for your 4 year old, that are organized into units and themes. These are designed to accomplish readiness for kindergarten as well as further strengthening each child’s confidence and self-esteem. Teachers use centers in the classroom to encourage discovery and questioning skills, and nurture children's developing sense of responsibility through imaginative play, construction, and games. 

Kindergarten Prep


Five years old by January 1

4 Day (M-Th) 9am- 1pm

The Preps class is intended for children who can benefit from another year of preschool, and those who miss the cutoff date for public school Kindergarten.  The program centers on the development of academic, social, and emotional aspects of the children.  The curriculum focuses on letter and number recognition, beginning reading and early Math concepts.  These concepts are taught using hands on activities.  The curriculum also incorporates concepts of science, social studies, and art. 



Here at Buttonwood we have an on site Speech Language Pathologist. All children will receive both Speech and OT screenings to target any areas of weaknesses in articulation, fluency, language and fine motor skills. Therapists will work with the classroom teachers to help target the building blocks for language,  reading and fine motor development.